EXHIBITOR Magazine Honors the 20 Best Stands From CES 2024

EXHIBITOR magazine, the leader in trade show and corporate event marketing education, recently announced its 2024 Best of CES award winners. The program honors the top 20 exhibits and activations from among the roughly 4,300 at the 2024 International Consumer Electronics Show (CES).

“One of the reasons people attend CES is to immerse themselves in a show floor full of inspiring, trend-setting, and experiential exhibit design,” said Emily Olson, editor of EXHIBITOR magazine. “The companies that earned a spot on our Best of CES list this year created user-friendly spaces that combined inspired design with stellar fabrication, delivered solid content, and invented engaging experiences. The exhibits EXHIBITOR’s editorial team chose for our list this year provided memorable exhibits that made experiential design exciting.”

Topping this year’s Best of CES list was SK Group, which built a dazzling amusement park on the show floor designed to showcase its AI technologies. Meanwhile, Google LLC, Walmart Inc., Kia Corporation, and Togg Inc. rounded out the competition’s top five.

“Our annual Best of CES list not only spotlights the best of the best at one of the world’s most significant and influential trade shows, but it also is intended to provide a catalog of experiential-marketing tactics and a visual feast of exhibit-design ideas that will inspire other exhibitors in their own programs,” said Olson. “Those that scored a spot on our Best of CES represent less than one-half of 1 percent of the companies on the CES 2024 show floor. That’s an impressive feat.”

The exhibiting companies (and associated design and fabrication firms, where applicable) to make EXHIBITOR magazine’s 2024 Best of CES list include:

1. SK Group
SM Culture & Contents Co. Ltd.

2. Google LLC
Sparks Marketing LLC; Media Monks

3. Walmart Inc.
Leo Events

4. Kia Corporation

5. Togg Inc.
Capital Events Türkiye, Komponent Exhibitions, BTWN Exhibits, Atlas Expo

6. HD Hyundai
Cheil Worldwide Inc., MC²

7. Hyundai Mobis

8. LG Electronics Inc.
Czarnowski Display Service Inc.

9. Honda

10. Mercedes-Benz AG
Jangled Nerves GmbH

11. Sony

12. Kohler Co.
3D Exhibits

13. Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd.
Cheil Worldwide Inc., MC²

14. Siemens Digital Industries Software
The Freeman Co. LLC

15. Swarovski Optik

16. Abbott Laboratories Inc.
Catalyst Exhibits Inc.

17. Nikon
George P. Johnson and Gilbert Displays Inc.

18. Hyundai
Astound Group

19. Canon
Publicis Media

20. EssilorLuxottica
Simmetrico; MC²

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